Nina Sakhnini

CS Ph.D. student, University of Illinois at Chicago
UI Engineer, Caterpillar

nsakhn2 [AT]

D3 Visualization: Gun Violence Victims

Map of US Gun Deaths Dec 2012-Dec 2013

Demo (works better with Chrome).

Summary. A map visualization showing gun deaths in the USA between mid-December 2012 and end of 2013 year. The design principles followed for this project are maximizing data density by using different visual markers to display most of the data, providing legible comments and labels in the map key as well as in the pane that is showing city details. Also, in this work I emphasize the design principle of not using unjustified 3D by involving multifunctional markers. The colors in this visualizations were chosen carefully to provide the best contrast in color and in monochrome. The data was preprocessed using python in a python notebook to generate state and city frequencies.